Making music in 2018 is a tough game to get into. To be an artist, you need to be unique, inspired and self-motivated to produce and provide your content. We live in a world where music can be released, shared and judged within the same day the project is dropped. Back in the 80s, 90s and even early 00s, it would take days to know if your music was moving up the charts. With the internet in place, these artists need be resilient, take chances and know that all work is hard work. I’ve been in talks with an artist who understands the grind and the process. His name is Ab Flexinn and he has been showing that progression.

With the announcement of his latest project Ab Concealed, I decided to chop it up with AB to get a feel for his story. This is what he had to say.

Hamilton: When did you start rapping and making music? 

Ab Flexinn: “I always would write here and there for fun, going as far back as elementary school. Towards the end of high school I would spit some drunk shit to the homies and they would be rocking with it. I don’t know exactly when but like around First/Second year of college me and my brother $ Mic would get lifted and freestyle on some bullshit or I’d pull up on him with some bars I had wrote. I never even thought about actually dropping music for real though. A piece of me cared about what people would think at the time on some “Oh he a rapper now” type shit. Eventually it was about to be my 21st birthday and I went through a whole mental shift and said fuck it and recorded my EP Rank Up.”

H: How did you come up with the name Ab Flexinn? 

A: “Came naturally. When I first started making music I was ‘Ab The Prophet’ but I was trying to make more conscious type shit back then. That name went through the flames and came out as Ab Flexinn on some phoenix energy. AB are my initials and people be thinking that’s how you say it but it’s Ab like Abs lol.”

H: Who are some of your influences when it comes down to music? 

A: “I’m Influenced by mad artists. I ain’t even listen to music like that until I was in middle school. I was a gamer OD, but at that time, it was like Kanye, Wayne, Jay-Z, Usher, R Kelly. I also listened to mad rock, reggae and dancehall. I could list names forever but we don’t need to do that.”

H: Talk to me about your new EP? 

A: “Ab Concealed is 3 tracks all produced by this dude Concealed. I think he from the Netherlands. Regardless, his beats are lit. I love all three of the tracks: “Emotions Suck ! 🤮,” “Closed Curtains 🐍” and “Achoo! 🤧.” If you been following me, you’ll def see the progression in the short period. I’m still only at like 5% of my potential. I think “Emotions Suck ! 🤮” is going to be the fan favorite because people rock with my bag talk. “Achoo ! 🤧” is super wavy. I literally just recorded it a week before the EP dropped. The way the autotune hits is crazy. “Closed Curtains 🐍” is on some real-life shit, where I’m just sending that warning to stay alert of the people you let around you. I added the second verse to it right before I was about to get in the booth.”

H: The beats are on point. How did you link up with Concealed?

A: “The bro just made a twitter and posted a beat on some “who trying to work shit.” I was messing with it off rip. I DM’d like “Bro, I rock with you. Let’s do a 3 track EP” and he was with the shits.”

H: If you could, walk me through your creative process? 

A: “I wish I could. I gather creativity from the universe. When it comes to me, it just works. I be listening back to my verses and don’t even remember how I came up with it. I be blacking out.”

H: What’s the ideal studio session? 

A: “Fye/Cozy fit on. Just the Spa Boys with like 2-4 of our other friends. It’s mad weird when there’s OD heads in the room. We rage and make a movie.”

H: Who are the Spa Boys?

A: “Spa Boys is the set. It’s a collective founded by Me, $ Mic, and the SHOTBOI$: BrownBoiPachino & $paceman. All four of us are just friends who create together. The true Spa movement will be unveiled as time progresses. There’s also 808ClubHouse, which is a production group featuring Me, $pace and our other two boys, Ramos & Yoshida. Shout my guys Luongo, Devin, James & D too. Every name I dropped in this piece been knowing wussup since day one.”

H: How do you spend your time when you’re not writing or recording? 

A: “I be at work most of the time on some regular shit. Getting that bag to put it into the art. I don’t talk down working a regular job. If anything, it’s the mindset of staying in that job. Working towards your dream for the sake of a check. I’ll quit my job once I feel like I’m at the point where I can bring my true creative visions to life.  Other than that, I be watching YouTube tutorial videos, listening to podcast, reading and playing Xbox. Whoever want smoke in 2k19 hit me! Gamer Tag – AbFlexinn

H: What are some of the struggles as an up and coming artist? 

A: “I be feeling like I’m losing touch with all my good friends because I chose this path. I be missing out on things for the sake of not spending my money on it. I be putting it towards the art. It sucks and it hurts a lot. There is no better feeling to bring something that was created in your mind to life. That shit is the highest of highs to me and continues to motivate. That what keeps my mental from self-destruction.”

H: You got any last words for the readers? 

A: “If you read this I truly appreciate your support and love from my soul. I hope you ready for what’s next because it only gets better!  It’s the Lord of The West, The Suburban Superstar Ab Flexinn. Shouts LENS ON ME – big love from the Lord <3.”

I appreciated linking with Ab Flexinn. I felt his positive energy and his vision to make it in the industry. He reminded me that it takes some sacrifices to make your dreams come true. I recommend giving his new project a listen.

Ab Flexinn:

Twitter: @AbFlexinn

Instagram: @Abflexinn

SoundCloud: Ab Flexinn 🆎