On Dec 4, Embracity hosted their first, SOLD OUT launch event and it was EPIC!

Billie and Alex: Ramon Frias

Embracity is a company dedicated to changing the way members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and its allies, form friendships and connections. Embracity plans events based around common interests, other than sexual orientation, to bring people together and form bonds that will last!

For the company’s launch, Embracity brought us the “Open Door Series”, with a concert at the legendary, Arlene’s Grocery in NYC! The night showcased three amazing queer perfomers, MuMu, HOLDN and Charlie Brennan.

MuMu: Ramon Frias
Charlie Brennan: Ramon Frias
HOLDN: Ramon Frias

Hamilton and I were invited to attend and oh boy, was it a night to remember. Once we walked in there was an immediate photo opp with photographers onsite, eager to take everyone’s pic! Within a few minutes of being there, we were chatting and getting along with so many people. There was a vibe throughout, everyone was so open and welcoming to one another, embracing the reason we were there. It was such a different experience from the typical club or bar scene that I’ve witnessed in the past. 

This night could NOT have gone better!

“I couldn’t happier with our first sold-out show! People and allies need an outlet like Embracity and it shows! People want to be able to make lasting friendships with others in the community and that is what Embracity’s is all about!” -Alexandra Tiso, Co-Founder and CEO

Crowd: Ramon Frias

Don’t miss Embracity’s upcoming events in 2020! Go over to the website and get your tickets before they sell out at Embracity.org ! and follow them on instagram! @Embracity

  • Beginners Tango Class:  Feb 29
  • Yoga In Central Park: April 11
  • Todrick Hall Inspired Dance Class: May 19
  • Olavie Dinner: July 11

Embracity was founded by Alex Tiso and Billy Burke in 2019

Performances by: MuMu, HOLDN and Charlie Brennan

Photos: Ramon Frias & Allie Shelly