I’ve been trying to catch a Matt Corby gig ever since he released the Made of Stone EP in 2012. Fast forward seven years, now I’m living in London and FINALLY got my hands on some tickets!

January 30th came around and I was on my way to the O2 Forum for the Matt Corby Rainbow Valley Tour. The show started up with the first track off the album, Light My Dart Up. When the concert began the crowd reacted in a way I’ve never seen at any live event before. There was no crazy screaming, no aggressive pushing, and no obnoxious whistling. It seemed as if everyone was in a trance, taking it all in, being filled with a sense of liberation and euphoria. His extensive use of unique sounds and instruments, along with his six-person band, creates a sound that is transcendent. Honestly, the best way I can describe his sound is an Indie Psychedelic Symphony.

As I mentioned, I’ve been listening to Matt Corby for a while now and can confidently say I know his music well. That being said, I was still completely mind blown when he started to sing. His vocal range was insane! I don’t think there’s a note that he couldn’t hit. He brought so much raw emotion and power into his performance that you could feel it transferring over into the crowd. This performance was a million times better than anything I’ve heard on a record.

Leaving the venue I was in a daze, this had been full body and mind experience unlike any other. It turned this performance into a production.