BI woke up on a Sunday with no plans. Went on the iPhone and found that Mura Masa and Jessy Lanza were having a free gig at the SummerStage in Central Park.  Texted a few the homies to see if they were interested. No replays. I took this opportunity to invite a significant other. I packed the bag and got ready for the night. Her and I met at the train station at 4:30pm. We drank a few cold ones and shot the shit until we hit Penn Station. We took the 1 train six sops to 66th – Lincoln Center. We got out from under and continued our walk through the park.

It’s 7:00pm, ciders in hand and Jessy Lanza takes stage. Her sound is honest, uplifting and fit the vibe for a Sunday evening in the middle of Manhattan. Everyone in attendance was moving. My favorites out of the set were “VV Violence” and “It Means I Love You”. Lanza finished her performance by showing love to her family visiting from Canada.

A few more beers and a bathroom break later makes it 9:00pm. The lights go out, while the venue becomes warm with anticipation. Mura Masa steps out and people lose it with excitement. The UK producer incorporated guitar, bass and percussion into his performance. Shit was live. He performed his most popular joint “Love$ick” and even brought out Bonzai to do “Nuggets”. There was another female MC who held it down. I don’t know your name though. Nonetheless, our Sunday was made. It had the proper components: culture, talent, tunes and some booze.