Picture This has been blazing through Europe, city by city, while on their MDRN LV tour. Last stop is an epic five nights at the 3 Arena in Dublin, then it’s off to take on North America.

My photographer, Bella, and I were lucky enough to make it out to their gig in London at the O2 Forum, Kentish Town. At the venue we got into the mood with a beer and a sambuca lemonade, then joined the hundreds of adoring fans waiting in anticipation. A few minutes later and it was show time!

PC: Bella Brook

The band, Ryan Hennessey (lead vocals), Jimmy Rainsford (drums), Cliff Deane (bass), and Owen Cardiff (guitar), rolled out and greeted the audience. The red and blue lights were shining and the beat got going, kicking off the show with “Modern Love” the first track off the album. *Instant party vibes* The crowd was buzzing! After setting the bar that high in the beginning, they continued to kill it with bangers like “Broken”, “Hurt Nobody”, “Everything or Nothing” and my personal favorite, from their debut album, “You and I”. Not only could frontman Ryan rock the tunes and guitar, but he also slayed the dance moves. Glitter top and socks to match, he was up and at it for the entire show;  jumping, spinning, kicking, you name it. Keeping the energy up and the crowd pumped.

PC: Bella Brook

The first set was over, and it was time for a quick break until the encore. In the meantime, Ryan popped out with his guitar for a solo performance of “Jane”. This slower, acoustic love ballad mellowed out the mood and had everyone swooning. The band came right back out after to end the show with a bang. The hype was right where they left it and picked up when the guys started to play their single “One Drink” which recently won the RTE Choice Music Prize, Song of the Year. The last song of the night was the classic fan favorite “Take my Hand”, which evolved into a crowd sing-along and trip down into the pit for Ryan.

PC: Bella Brook

The band really brought the talent and delivered. It was a ridiculously fun show to be at, with feel-good energy that overflowed through and through. Picture This are set to take on America and swing back around the UK in the fall, I’d definitely go snag some tickets before they sell out!

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