After their self-titled debut album hit the top of the charts, Picture This​, the alternative/pop band from Ireland is ready for round-two. They are locked and loaded with their new album MDRN LV​and up coming tour starting March 6th. The band’s members are Ryan Hennessy (vocals), Jimmy Rainsford (drums), Owen Cardiff (Guitar) and Cliff Deane (Bass). I got a quick few minutes to chat with Jimmy and Cliff to get an inside look behind the album and how the band has been prepping for tour.

Kristi: First of all, congrats on the new album! I know you’re up for Choice Music Prize “Song Of The Year” and you got a million streams in less than a week which is sick. Were you expecting this kind of success and response from the fans, and just in general?

Jimmy: “We were confident, but you never expect that kind of thing, like the million streams or going platinum in the past week. It’s amazing, I personally don’t like thinking about the outcome and kind of just let things happen. It’s more fun.”

Kristi: What was the writing process like for this album opposed to the first one, was it any different?

Jimmy: “I don’t think it was that different. Usually, the way we write music is Ryan will write lyrics and a melody, and he’ll send it to me and I’ll write all the music around it. This time it was pretty much similar, but we started to experiment for the first time where I’d send Ryan some music and he’d write to it and vise versa. I don’t know what happened, like something happened where we wanted to explore the writing and the production style and try to find kind of a new sound and it happened through a few different events. We went to LA and met a guy who helped us produce the album who completely changed our whole idea of production and everything else. You know what, when we released our first album and the success it had, it took us all over the world and all these songs we had were like a soundtrack to it, so MDRN LV is basically a soundtrack to the band becoming popular. There was never like a moment of writing, it was the end of last year we had 12 songs and it was like “let’s go!” and that was it.”

Kristi: Yes, I definitely notice a difference between the two. This album has more of a party vibe to it. What would you guys say your biggest musical influences are as a band and in terms of sound?

Jimmy: “ To be honest, a lot of great music has come out in the last year.”

Cliff: “There’s not just one.”

Jimmy: “We listen to a lot of Charlie Puth and Jon Bellion, then a lot of alternative. Then, we’ll go to like extreme pop and club music and then the extreme end of another genre. We’ll listen to #1 singles and then see what bands are doing, and then we just all of a sudden just start loving that kind of music. We weren’t trying to make a concept ballad, we were just trying to make an album that we would love to listen to. Our influences mostly come from people. It’s so weird, we’re coming from an incredibly small town in Ireland and then all of a sudden we’re in LA. That has a huge influence on your personality and ultimately how you make music, which I think is something other bands don’t really talk about. Other bands don’t really talk about how personal experiences in your life can completely alter the way you do certain things, in a positive way. I personally think that would be great to hear.”

Kristi: Why the name MDRN LV for the album?

Jimmy: “I’ll tell ya a story, we came to Brighton to do a writing session, so we were in the hotel in Brighton and I just started playing something on my laptop and made up a song. Ryan was asleep and I went over and I held the phone up to him and said “sing” and he just started singing Modern Love. After a while he said it would be a great album title and then I wouldn’t let it go, I said: “that has to be the title.” Then, he texted me one day in like text speak “MDRN LV” and I was like “that’s it!” If you listen to the album, every song is about modern love, This album is modern love.”

Kristi: Yeah, it really is. If you could describe the album in one word, what would it be?

Cliff: “Tight, we have this joke were we describe everything as tight, so tight haha”

Jimmy: “I would say adventurous.”

Kristi: Haha good answers. Last question, you guys have a tour coming up which is super exciting. What are you guys most excited for in this upcoming tour?

Jimmy: “I’m excited to play all of the shows. It’s cool when your in Ireland cuz you’re at home, but when you play in the UK it’s like adventurous, cus we have all this momentum in the UK and we’re selling all these shows and there are all these fans that are there for us, and they’re like super fans and they’re here and we feel like a real band when we’re touring the UK.”

Spiraling Conversation Ensues…

Bella Brook (photographer): “Do you not think of yourselves as a real band?”

Jimmy: “No we do, but we’re quite modest people, so it doesn’t really get solidified until we play a UK one.”

Bella: “The 3 Stadium must be crazy, are you gobsmacked?”

Cliff: “In a way, at times we’re pinching ourselves thinking is this really happening. We’re buzzing to play the new songs and play the new album. Also, the band is so big in Ireland and there’s so much traction that for me personally it’s great to see it take off in England because we didn’t get to see that at home, it all happened so fast.”

Bella: “Someone mentioned earlier that Adele’s only played there two times, and U2 only three, and you guys are the first to book five nights, you must be astounded. What was the first thing you did when you found out, did you call your mums and freak out?”

Jimmy: “I didn’t even know what to think, we were confident that they would sell but they sold out almost immediately. I don’t think that part is really going to sink in until we’re there. I still have anxiety about people showing up in general, like I know people have bought tickets but I’m still worried they won’t show, I think it’s the feeling all artists have before they go on stage. But we don’t like to think about it too much because we’ll get a big head.”

*Bella spills wine glass all over the table*

Cliff: You’re ok, you’re ok!

Bella: On that note…

Kristi: I think we’re done here guys haha, thanks so much for the chat!

Bella: It was lovely to meet you, sorry about the wine! haha

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