So, my buddy who runs things over at Huckberry NYC was hosting a night with Sofar Sounds. I obviously was game, so I packed up some brews and headed to venue.

If you are not familiar with Sofar Sounds, it’s all good. No one’s judging you! In short, the company acts as the urban curator for the culture. Sofar links up with volunteered venues and provides members with an intimate space, for young artist to perform their latest and greatest works. Yes, I did say “members”. The process to become a member is free and easy. Just head over to their website and fill out the basic information in the “Join Us” section. It’s well worth it because you become a part of a community that appreciates art, music and the concept of BYOB.

That night, me and about 20 other strangers sat Indian style and bonded over music and poetry. My man, Todd Lewis Kramer opened up with some songs from his latest EP titled “January”. My girl, Torre Blake followed with an insane rendition of Drake’s “Feel No Ways” and debuted her single “Ain’t Thinking About You” dropping in the Fall. Lastly, my lady Alice Frank blessed the floor with some spoken word that covered the ideas of love, lust and disconnection.

The night was much needed! There’s something special about surrounding yourself with people that are present and open to listening to something new. Big thanks to the Sofar Sound team that attended and shouts out to Nic over at Huckberry NYC for hosting and setting the vibe.