I don’t know about y’all but I love getting stuck in a YouTube wormhole. Me being a music junkie, I have been using the platform to watch an array of live performances from artists, old and new. There’s just something enchanting about a musician performing their work in front of an audience. In my opinion, the combination of energy and stage presence from a live session almost always triumphs the studio album. Jamming on stage is raw, sometimes unintentional and without fail a spectacle; especially when someone captures these precious moments and uploads them to YouTube. So, I would like to provide you people with three of my favorite videos that need to be watched if you consider yourself a music lover.

Stevie Wonder – Close To You

The first video is with the legendary Stevie Wonder. In 1972 Stevie and his band were invited to perform on the David Ross talk show. In this clip, Stevie performs a rendition of The Carpenters’ “Close To You” and The Jackson 5’s “Never Can Say Goodbye” that blew people’s minds. If you aren’t familiar with the talk box, you need to be because it’s a unique musical component. This effect unit allows musicians to modify their vocals while simultaneously playing an instrument. In this video, Stevie has his talk box connected to his keyboard. While he plays keys, the talk box pushes air through a tube that filters sound by the shape of his mouth. I’m not a music tech wizard and probably explained that terribly. Regardless, watch the video because it’s captivating and groundbreaking for 1972.

Reggie Watts – Tweet Yourselves Right

This second video features the great and powerful Reggie Watts, known for his humor and outstanding musicianship. The clip that I fancy is from his “A Live At Central Park” 2012 Comedy Central special where he performs “Tweet Yourself Right”. For five minutes he showcases his versatility and vocal range. He sings about all types of random topics that oddly make sense.  I guarantee laughter and goosebumps from this afro genius. 

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Full Performance

The last and longest video that you need to watch is from the good people KEXP-FM. They opened their studio doors to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. I know, pretty awesome band name. The Australian’s played songs from their 2017 project titled “Murder of The Universe”. Their set is loud, heavy and extremely entertaining. I feel in love with this band because they had two drummers positioned on opposite sides of the stage battling it out for the love of rock and roll. I’m thankful that this video was suggested to me because I don’t know if I would ever stumble on it.

To recap, these three are my favorite videos at the moment. They are not the end all be all, but important enough to share with you readers. If you enjoyed watching these videos, please share them with others who would appreciate the entertainment. Lastly, if you have a favorite video, please drop a link down in the comments so the team and I can check them out. I would love to write another one of these bad boys with the submissions you provided.